Sunday , 19 May 2019

How to Make Your Own Proxy Website/Server

Make Your Own Proxy Website

If you are unable to access few websites so you should not open those websites it’s simple isn’t it? Hahaha… okay let’s learn something new, something different and totally new for many of you. Actually as it is known to you because of the title that you are going to learn that how to make your own proxy website within few minutes it all depends on your internet speed :P and also do no forget to read my another article about making all external links nofollow in a WordPress blog seriously it is very good for SEO.

What is A Proxy Server or Website?

The most easiest definition of a proxy server is just like a website or web server which helps users to access those websites which are blocked in their countries for example these days YouTube in blocked in Pakistan and users who are using PTCL internet connection they are unable to surf YouTube but those are using wi-tribe they can access any website even YouTube and I’m also a user of PTCL. I have already described two different methods to access blocked websites one is about using ultrasurf and second method is about using a proxy website but in this article you’ll learn to make your own proxy website.

What is Required to Make A Proxy Website?

If you are going to make a proxy website then you need two things the first one is a web hosting account I recommend you to have a paid hosting instead of free because making a proxy server requires a lot of memory and bandwidth but go here to buy cheapest (cheap in rate not quality :P) hosting and the second thing that you need is the proxy script do not worry it’s free and public we’ll download it from web without paying a cent. Simply just go to the URL given below and download the script for free.

Make Your Own Proxy Website

So after you have a hosting account and script then you are ready to go, simply just extract the script compressed folder and upload it to web hosting account and access it through your website URL when you’ll open it for first time it will ask you to enter admin user and pass then you are ready to go in the URL you will see admin.php just remove it and press Enter there you will see a box where you just need to type in the URL of any website which is blocked and it’s done. I know this is very easy but mostly users do not know about this script but if you did now about this script then simple comment below and tell us that it works for you and if you already know about it then share your experience with us.

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