Sunday , 19 May 2019

MapMyIndia App

MapMyIndia App is the most accurate and updated interactive maps of India with house number and street-level detail. It provides the detailed information’s such as Step-by-step driving directions from your current location or between any two points in India. It allows you to search for businesses, localities, cities, or just about any other place by name. It is also used to find millions of useful places of interest like ATMs, restaurants, petrol pumps, hospitals, hotels and hundred other categories in and around any location.

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When no digital maps existed in India, MapMyIndia envisioned the immense benefits that geo-data could bring to governments, businesses, and individuals and set out on a mission to digitally map all of India. MapMyIndia is India’s leader in premium quality digital map and data, GPS, location-based services (LBS), GIS and location-based business intelligence solutions. MapMyIndia is driving the Indian navigation and location-based services industry by providing products and services across all platforms, Internet, Mobile, In-car, Print, Voice, TV etc., to end consumers directly as well as in partnership with leading international and national players.

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    MapMyIndia has launched Connect, a device that enables users to mirror the screen of their Smartphone’s or tablets, or stream media from the devices to a television or monitor screen. The device can be connected with a television or monitor through an AV cable (RCA cable) or via Micro-USB. The mobile phone or tablet and the Connect box need to be on the same Wi-Fi network, following which the device’s screen can be mirrored if it supports Miracast or Airplay, or content can be streamed to the other screen.

MapMyIndia have always endeavored to bring product and solutions that make the users more productive and keep them engaged on the go. MapMyIndia Maps makes sure you find what you’re looking for and takes you there. Travel smart and never lose your way again.


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