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Google Nexus 5 – Top Five Features

Nexus-5-extreme-tech-blogBefore Google’s Nexus 4 had even finished enjoying the spotlight, it has been replaced by the Nexus 5 which has been swathed by numerous rumors long before it came to the marketplace. It is the fifth Nexus smartphone for which Google has teamed up with its manufacturing partners. This new Nexus is leaving no stone unturned to boast its latest version of Android which is called Kit Kat, along with a number of other advanced features. These include 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM, 5-inch 1080p display, wireless charging, thin Gorilla Glass 3, redesigned rear-facing camera and so on. Among all these various specs and features, what are the top five that separate Nexus 5 from the rest of the herd?

1.    1. Adding and rearranging home screen panels

Who does not want to have the power to alter the way the home screen panels are managed? This is exactly what Android 4.4 of Nexus 5 offers. It gives the users the power to edit and manage the home screen panels very easily. It comes with only two screens of icons for your convenience, so that you can later add the apps and widgets of your choice there the way you want to. To do so, you simply have to long-press in an open area to get an overview of the home screen and then just add your chosen apps, widgets in your preferred order. In order to make a new page, you can simply drop a widget into a new panel on the right or you can do so via an app shortcut from the drawer. You can also clear the home screen panels if you want to. Thus, Nexus 5 allows you save space by having several pages of your widgets or just one single screen of your most significant stuff.

2.     2. Google Now cards on the home screen

Just like most of us have default Google browser as our home page, you can now do the same in your Nexus 5. This is because Google Now has been upgraded from just an ordinary app to a fully integrated home screen component. While the main home screen panel is on the far left, Google Now’s card view in right to the left of the main panel. Thus Google has brought its coveted and prominent predictive search technology to the forefront with the help of Nexus 5.

3.     3. Always-accessible notifications

Although there is not much to complain about Android’s notification system, there was this one problem. That is, if a notification comes while you are using an app, there is no way to check the notifications without leaving the app. However, Android 4.4 of Nexus 5 addresses this problem with a simple feature. When you are using an app, you can still check the clock and notifications by simply swiping down from the top of the screen. This will show you a semi-transparent status bar with the clock and icon. Another swipe down will give you full access to all the notifications while the app or game will simply freeze behind the scenes until you decide to resume it by closing the notification bar.

4.    4. Tap and pay NFC

Nexus 5 does not need a secure element embedded in NFC chips to process contactless payments, thanks to Android 4.4. This has been made possible via the use of Google Wallet support which takes only a few seconds to be authorized with the OS’s card emulation framework. Nexus 5’s main settings page has a Tap & Pay item which lists all the payment apps installed on your cell phone.

5.     5. Expanded voice control hot word detection

Nexus 5 possesses all of Google’s best and latest search features which is integrated with the home screen experience. These search apps control most of what goes on with the help of the launcher interface. The best outcome of such integration is the hot word detection on the home screen. Earlier the Google Search hot word could merely bring you to voice search while the search app had to be already opened. However, with Nexus 5, you have the power to say, “Ok, Google,” simply from the home screen and your Nexus 5 will right away incite a voice search.

Thus, it can be confidently concluded from such advanced features that Nexus 5 is truly Google to its very core and provides its users an authentic Google experience.

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