Friday , 26 April 2019

How to Play Uploaded FLV Videos on Your Blog or Website

Embed Uploaded FLV Videos On Your Blog

Sometimes we really want to play or stream a FLV video in our blogs or websites which is uploaded in web hosting account rather than just embedding the YouTube link because sometimes our videos get deleted on video sharing websites and we can not do anything because it’s simple we do not own those big video sharing websites so then we decide to upload a video in our web hosting account to play it in our blogs but then we do not know how to play it but don’t worry this article is specially for you who want to know how to play uploaded FLV videos in blogs or websites without paying a penny. And also read my another article about converting YouTube video into MP3 online hope you’ll love it too.

Why is it Important to Upload videos in paid web hosting?

This is very important question that’s why I decided to answer it myself before users will ask about it in comments actually the answer to this question is that as I’ve already described that sometimes our videos get deleted by other video sharing websites and we are unable to do anything then it is the time to upload videos in paid web hosting account so that no one will delete your videos except you or the hacker, just kidding but also watch video tutorial about WordPress security for much better security. So I hope now you understand it why it is so much important to upload videos in paid web hosting account.

How to Embed/Play Uploaded FLV Videos

Now after you upload your videos to your web hosting accounts now it is time to play or stream those videos on your blogs, websites or anywhere on web. And it is so simple and very easy all you need to do is to just get the uploaded video URL just copy it and go to this website there you just have to select an option about custom video link or location then paste the copied video URL and fill other boxes with the information that you want and click on green button to get the embed code for your video which is actually uploaded on your web hosting account.

Play Uploaded FLV Videos

Now after clicking the green button you will be redirect where you’ll see your embed code for your selected video just select the code I prefer JavaScript version code just copy it and paste it anywhere in your blog you can paste that code in your blog posts but just remember to select HTML if you are going to paste the code because it is a code not text so it’s done but still if you have any question about this tutorial then please say it in the comments, Allah Hafiz.

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