Friday , 26 April 2019

Protect HTML/JavaScript Code Using Online Encrypting Tools

First let me tell you that if you are a programmer or a web designer who love to design new templates or widgets or whatever and if you are a programmer who code in JavaScript then you need to read this article because it will help you to encrypt your HTML and JavaScript code so that no one will be able to edit it. As I am also a programmer and I do not really like to see my code edited by other f*&king newbie programmers so that’s why I always encrypt my code specially HTML and JavaScript because as you know there is no need to encrypt PHP code as it is a server-side scripting language means we can not see the PHP code of any website without hacking the hosting server :P

How to Protect HTML Code

As we have talked about that why we need to protect our codes so that no one will steal your code and edit it without your permission so the best way to protect your HTML code is to encrypt it and I use an online tool to encrypt HTML code. The link to the online HTML encrypter tool is just click on the link and there you will find two boxes in the first box paste your HTML code and press the button to get encrypted code for your HTML code and make sure you save your code before encrypting it so that whenever you need to edit the code then you can just edit the real code and then again you can use this tool to encrypt it.

How to Protect JavaScript Code

Now the question is how to protect JavaScript code, you will find many HTML encrypting tools online for free but for JavaScript I searched on Google and found a tool which is awesome and works really fast plus without any problem. So here is the link to JavaScript encrypting tool go to there you will see two boxes as in HTML encrypter in the first box paste your JS code including <script></script> tags and press Encrypt button to get the encrypted code in the second text box now save the encrypted code as a JS file like script.js and then include this file in any HTML document using <script src=”script.js” type=”text/javascript”></script> tag. Again first make sure you save your real (unencrypted) code in your computer just in case of any damage.

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