Sunday , 19 May 2019

RapidShare Provides Resume Support and Maximum Speed for Free

Rapidshare: Resume Support and Maximum Speed for Free

Today I found something which is great for those who love to download and watch movies or for those who really use RapidShare to share files with their friends or public. Like if anyone of you is using RapidShare to share files then you should be happy because as you can clearly see the title of this post that now RapidShare¬†provides resume support and maximum speed for downloading and most important thing is that it is totally for free but seriously I don’t know for how long they are going to allow us to download with such awesome capibilites.

RapidShare: Resume Support and Maximum Speed for Free

Yes you have to believe it actually this is came to me when I was going to download a document and that was uploaded on RapidShare the first impression was “oh shit!!! I have to wait to download just a single (few KBs) document!”. But then when I just clicked on big download button I was shocked to see it it started as a direct link seriously it was fast than MediaFire so whatever I was happy to download my document and then I found some big files for just testing then I found a movie link and it happened same as with small file.

For How Long Offer Is Valid

Seriously as I explained above that I do not know about it and did not even try to search on Google to find out the answer. So if you know about this awesome offer that for how long this offer is valid then just comment below. If you are a downloader then I think this is for the first time that we are able to download with full resume support and maximum speed for free on RapidShare so do not miss this chance just keep downloading! And one more thing and important is that for resume support you should use any internet download manager of your choice, I am using Internet Download Manager it the best as far as I know.

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