Sunday , 19 May 2019

Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse App turns your Phone into a wireless user-friendly remote control for your PC/Mac. Fully simulated touchpad, keyboard and featured remote panels make your remote experience just like working with real mouse and keyboard, and even better. Sit back and surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player from the comfort of your couch.

Now you can control your computer using your Phone. Tapping on your device screen is equal to clicking the left mouse button; tapping on the screen with two fingers is equal to clicking the right mouse button; sliding two fingers on the screen is equal to sliding the mouse wheel. Rotate the Phone to the left can switch to the full screen keyboard. Rotate the device to right can switch to the full screen mouse touchpad. Easily launch and switch among computer programs with Power option panel such as Shut down, sleep, restart or log off remotely

•    Wireless trackpad and keyboard – portrait & landscape mode available
•    Fully simulated mouse: Click, Double-click, Right-click, Scroll and Drag
•    Remote keyboard, Modifier Keys, on screen typing
•    Left and Right mouse buttons
•    Function keyboards, support key combos
•    Password Protection
•    Voice recognition lets your mouth do all the typing
•    Works under Wi-Fi and 3G

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