Sunday , 18 February 2018

Report and Remove Facebook Timeline Within 2 Days

Remove Facebook Timeline

Thanks to Facebook developers who made the biggest social network more secure than ever before and still they are making it more secure and secure every single day. Finally I am impressed by Facebook feature which is not new but it is worth a lot. Actually these days Facebook is adding a lot of new features the website specially for privacy of its users. As I said there are many new features but I really want to talk about one which is very powerful to remove Facebook timeline within 2 days if the timeline is not following the rules provided by Facebook, keep reading to learn how to report and remove Facebook timeline.

How to Report/Remove Facebook Timeline

It is not a big deal to report/remove Facebook timeline or page but as I write for beginners who do not know much about the cyber world that’s why I am going to show you some pictures that how you can report and remove Facebook Timeline so let’s get started.

First you have to get an evidence or proof to report Timeline like it could be any, if he/she is posting pornographic material on Facebook or he/she is posting bad images like porn images etc then after seeing any profile posting that kind of stuff that I talked above or not following the rules then simply go to the Timeline now see the screen shot below to see how to report a Facebook Timeline.

Step 1: Report Facebook Timeline

After clicking that button saying Report/Block you will see a window where you have to report to the Facebook or simply just block the user also you can select either to report whole Timeline or content shared by the Timeline, see the picture below:

Step 2: Report Facebook Timeline

After doing that once again you will see a window appearing on Facebook there you have to select more accurately that why do you want to report the Timeline?

Step 3: Report Facebook Timeline

As you can see I selected that person is posting inappropriate content then it showed me sub-menu that I select Sexual then just clicked on Continue button to complete the reporting process. Remember you can select any other option but make sure you are right and sure with that.

How to Check Status of Reported Timeline

Facebook also added a new feature to see the status of reported photos, timelines etc. Simply just go to Account Settings > Support Dashboard it is located on the left side and is the last menu option or simply just go to after logging in. There you can see status about reported timelines, pictures, content etc like I reported a timeline and Facebook removed it within 48 hours that timeline was posting sexual content on Facebook. See the picture below:

Support Dashboard - Facebook Feature

If you have any question or confusion then simply comment below remember it is a very great feature by Facebook like we see sometimes that bad users use fake accounts to post bad images so now it’s not a big deal to kick them out from Facebook so help the Facebook to clean the biggest social network by reporting fake accounts, thanks for reading and please share it too!

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