Friday , 24 May 2019

App: Ringdroid

ringdroid-188x300Ringdroid App is used to create our own ringtone, alarm and notification sound from an existing audio file. We can use it to edit songs that are in our music library or record audio and edit that as a ringtone. The outputted creations can be set for use as an alarm, a notification or, of course, a ringtone. Using Ringdroid to make ringtones is a very simple process. When we start the program a list of all the music on our device is displayed and we just tap on a track to open it in the editor. This editor displays a waveform representing the song we selected, and we can review the track using the Play, Back and Forward buttons. Selecting the chunk we want to use as our ringtone is as simple as dragging the sliders to the start and end points we want. There’s a handy zoom function to help you out if you need it.

Ringdroid also includes a feature for recording sounds then launching them into the editor. Again, this is very easy to do, and it even includes a gage to check the sound input levels. Once we have finished editing our ringtones in Ringdroid, we are given the option to instantly make this our default ringtone, or assign the tone to a particular contact. Of course, we can always change this in our call settings at any time. This app requests permission to access our contacts for setting contact-specific ringtones.



• View a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at 5 zoom levels
• Set starting and ending points for a clip within the audio file
• Play the selected portion of the audio
• Play anywhere else by tapping the screen
• Save the clipped audio as a new audio file and mark it as Music, Ringtone, Alarm, or notification.
• Record a new audio clip to edit
• Delete audio with confirmation alert

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