Friday , 24 May 2019


samsungSamsung has been a huge hit ever since they incorporated the Android operating software into their smart phones, especially the Galaxy line. With the Galaxy S4, released in April 2013, taking the market by storm, people are already wondering what Samsung has in store with the upcoming Galaxy S5. Although all information heard about the new marvel is nothing but gossip, one can assume that that Samsung will be sure to make this a revolutionary in the smart phone industry, dropping everyone’s jaw in awe. Much of the gossip might even fall short to describing the actual monster about to be unleashed. Let us take a look at what the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is speculated to look like.
Expected Looks and Feel
Samsung phones have been known mostly to consist of plastic bodies to help lower the cost and make it available to a larger spectrum. However, they are making their newest bad boy different by opting for a new body type – namely something metallic like aluminium or even carbon fibre to make it lighter and more robust, resistant to dust and possibly water. It is for sure that the newest addition will not be everybody’s phone, but be a lot more classy and sophisticated for the more tasteful group.

On the front, Samsung is planning on throwing on a massive 5.2 inch multi touch screen with 16M colours and a whopping 720×1280 pixels. Aside from that, the phone is rumoured to fashion a range of different colours from pure black to clean white. It should be a phone to turn a number of heads! However its speciality doesn’t just end with its looks. Its the internals – the hardware and the software – that make this phone truly shine.

Expected Hardware and Software
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumoured to be featuring the newest operating system provided by Android, which is the Android 5.0. Running this OS will be a powerhouse built into the phone – The processor is said to be a monstrous 2GHz Octa-core processor, meaning there will be eight cores working side by side to run this machine, with a 3GB or even 4GB RAM to make it run smoothly. It will contain a storage unit of possibly 32GB with room to expand further, allowing users to take as many pictures as they want with their massive 16 Megapixel camera featured in the smart phone. The camera is also said to host features such as geo tagging, smile detection as well as image stabilizers amongst an array of other attributes.
As with any smart phone, it will also have the common features that we have all grown to expect such as proximity sensors, accelerometers, gyroscope, compass, etc while also having the everyday connectivity utilities such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE and NFC.

Possible Price
Judging by what Samsung may be cooking up for their fans in their upcoming Galaxy S5, users will not be shocked to see a rather large price tag hanging from their hopeful beloveds. The price is expected to range from over 700 US Dollars up to the likes of 800 US Dollars, and even though this doesn’t seem to be much for such a powerful device, it is unlikely that Samsung will be able to please their fans with a price that they can readily afford.
From what can be seen, Samsung is in line to release yet another ground-breaking phone that is sure the catch the eye of all those who behold it. This is very easy to speculate judging from their previous releases in their Galaxy line, especially the S3 and S4 who have both been huge players in the smart phone industry upon their arrival. And by looking at their previous launch dates, it is safe to assume the Galaxy S5 to hit the stores around March 2014. However, based on the activity from other smart phone manufacturers such as Nokia and Blackberry, it may have a tough time fighting its way to the top.
This is likely to be one of the most anticipated launches by Samsung, so be sure to keep your eyes on all tech blogs for any leaks and ears on Samsung to speak on a tentative launch and a promo for us to enjoy!

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