Sunday , 16 June 2019

Best Security Tips to Secure Your WordPress Blog

Secure Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the best blogging tool like Blogger, there is always WordPress Vs Blogger but mostly WordPress wins but not in one thing which is security. Blogger has awesome security it’s like impossible to hack any Blogger blog just because of the 2-step verification I hope you have heard about it if not then Google it! So I am going to share my experience in WordPress security I know this little experience is not going to help you much but after reading this article you will be able to secure your WordPress blog much better than before.

Secure Your WordPress Blog

Security should be the first priority for your blog to make it working fine and properly because a few hours downtime will destroy your website ranking so we should always keep an eye on security of our blogs. And that’s why I am going to share my tips to secure WordPress blog as much as we can.

Complex Admin Username and Password

So here it is the first step, you should always first change the default username and password for admin access and do not use admin admin for it I know there will be many blogs who have this username and password because people do not really care about it they just let it go but you must change the default username and password and also try to make a complex password like using small and capital alphabets and also numbers with one or two special characters, this is what we can call good strong password so that no one will be able to crack it because it will take uncountable years to crack it.

Password Protected Admin Directory

And this is very helpful because it works like double security you know it actually helps us to protect any directory in the root directory of our website but there is no need to protect any other directory with password so we should use this feature, it is available in the cPanel you can search there password protected directories so I was saying that we can this use this feature to protect wp-admin folder for double security so do not miss this feature you must use it.

Limit Access by IP Address

This is also a very good step to make your WordPress blog much stronger not to be hacked. You will be able to access admin panel if you are using the IP address which is added in white list so if you want to know how to do it then go here for more information and tutorial about this security step.

Always Take Backup Regularly

No one knows when your blog will be hacked so first thing you need to do right now is to make your blog strong as much as you can if I miss something above then you can search on Google I just shared my experience and I think that it’s enough to make WordPress blog secure from unauthorized users so do not forget to take backup of your whole website regularly if you want to know how to take back the easy way then go here we can take backup automatically so we do not need to worry about doing it manually everytime.

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