Sunday , 19 May 2019

Send Post Summary Via FeedBurner to Blog Subscribers [Video]

Send Post Summary Via FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a email subscription web app for your blog/website and it is most widely used web app because it is free and it is supported by Google so people trust it. If you have a blog and you are using FeedBurner to handle your email subscribers then you must have a question that how to send post summary to subscribers instead of whole post via emails if you have this question in your mind that you are at very right place I have shared the solution to your question below.

A Great Tool to Manage Blog Subscribers

Google FeedBurner is the best choice for your blog or website because as I wrote above that it’s free and Google is helping this service to keep it alive so it’s the best choice for you if you have a blog. I am also using this great service to keep my blog’s subscribers updated about new posts and news.

But there is one little problem with this online web app that with default settings it sends the whole article to all subscribers which is not fair like what if you want them to visit your blog and read the post there so to send only post summary to subscribers we need to do a little setting in FeedBurner account so what are we waiting for let’s get started.

Send Post Summary to Subscribers Via FeedBurner

The first thing you need to do is to go to there select your website and then click on Optimize button and on the left side of that page under SERVICES click on Summary Burner it may be the last option in that menu.

There you will see two text boxes in the first box you have to enter the maximum length of the characters which will be used as summary from your new published post. The second box is for something that you want to add below every email.


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