Sunday , 16 June 2019

How to Send SMS Anywhere in the World For Free

Send SMS Anywhere With Gmail

Well this is also one of most famous question playing around on internet all the time which is how to send SMS anywhere for free and this time my answer will not be the same yes there is a web app you know I am talking about a website where we are totally allowed to send SMS anywhere in the World for free of cost.

Send SMS Anywhere For Free

So, as I told you that there is a website just like my old post where I described about a website from there we are able to call anywhere for free and here with the SMS the situation is same there is a website and believe that website is damn famous we use it all the time to read our personal emails yes I am talking about Gmail believe it or not but few days ago I was just checking out emails there I got a message or the pop-up word is much fine to use here yes I got a pop-up in my inbox window where it was written that I can add mobile number and send SMS anywhere in the World for free of cost then I just added a number and test the system and it really worked.

Now the point is how to send SMS anywhere with Gmail all you need is to open up your Gmail and on left side you will see a box to add number or email there just add phone number with country code and click on Send SMS as shown in the screen shot.

Add Number in Gmail

After that you will be asked to add the number in your contacts or phone book there just type in the contact name select country and that’s it after you add the number successfully, a little screen for chatting will show up there you can type and send SMS directly to your contact’s mobile from your Gmail account.

SMS Chatting With Gmail

And the important thing is that you will get 50 credits, every time you send a SMS, your credit decreases by 1 and on receiving you will get 5 up to a maximum of 50 by the way go here for more help.

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