Tuesday , 21 May 2019

How to Setup Subdomain on WordPress Blog Using cPanel

Setup Subdomain on WordPress Blog

WordPress is the most famous blogging tool and I really love it just because of open source software means we can do whatever we want to do with it we can even make our own widgets using PHP which is also the most famous programming language in developing websites and as you know the most famous websites are made using PHP like YouTube, Facebook etc and of course WordPress is also developed in PHP. So in this tutorial you are going to learn that how you can setup subdomain on WordPress blog using cPanel means you hosting cPanel account.

Why to Setup Subdomain

Subdomains play an important role in marketing of the website like if you have a WP blog based on products review or you have a website on cars etc then you can setup subdomain like this shop.yourwebsite.com and there you can make a online shop for your blog/website readers where they can buy things online directly from your website so it will help you run an online business.

cPanel: How to Setup Subdomain

Now let’s talk about that how you can add a subdomain to your main domain using your cPanel account so the first thing you have to do is to login into your cPanel just add /cpanel in the end of your website URL it will take you to the login page for example youwebsite.com/cpanel so after successful login you need to scroll down until you see Domains menu there click on Subdomains.

Subdomains in cPanel

Now it will take you to the new page where you have to select/type the new subdomain and also you have to select the directory which will be used by your subdomain for example if you have made a directory in the root directory with name test then you can type there public_html/test in the Document Root: option as shown in the screen shot below:

Add Subdomain Using cPanel

Everything is done now all you have to do is to add new files in the test directory so that test.yourwebsite.com will show what’s inside that directory. If you want to see a live demo then go to widgets.extremetechblog.com and also please share it with your friends if you find it useful.

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