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How to Show Author Name in WordPress Blog

Show Author Name in WordPress

In some WordPress themes author name does not show up with post category, date. But it is very important to add author name to posts because this is required in order to show Google+ profile picture and name in search results. My blog’s theme also does not show author name with posts then I searched on Google as we all do and found the solution within minutes because it was not so hard, if your blog’s theme does not show your name with posts actually author name then follow this article to show author name in WordPress blog otherwise read any other article to buy hosting for only 0.99$ per month :P if you like to.

WordPress: Show Author Name in Posts

So let’s get started, this tutorial is going to be boring and long because all you need to do is to edit two files, index.php and single.php I don’t know what are the files’ names in your root directory but as far as I know the file names are right. So go to Dashboard > Appearance > Editor there select the main index file having file name index.php in this file just add the following code where you want to show the author name like I added right there where it shows date and category of posts.

<!--?php the_author(); ?-->

Remember paste it there where you want to show the author name so after pasting the code click on button Update File to save the file and do the same with the single.php file add the code shared above in this file where exactly you want to show the author name.

You can also use this code differently like you can use this code to make it a hyperlink see the code below:


The code above will add a hyperlink with rel=”author” to verify the author Google+ profile with your content it will show your Google+ profile name and picture in Google search results and make sure you use same name in WordPress blog as in Google+ account.

Do You Have Any Question?

I know that this trick is not much difficult for those who knows little bit about PHP but those who are facing any kind of trouble the drop the comment below so that I can help you to solve your problem.

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