How to Make/Use Single Name on Facebook Profile [Updated]

Posted on Nov 12 2012 - 3:05pm by Glenn
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Single Name on Facebook Profile

This article is mostly like a trick to make or use single name on Facebook profile, as we all know Facebook developers do not allow us to use single name on our Facebook profiles as default we can do it on pages but here I am talking about single name on Facebook profile so this trick is not much difficult but mostly do not know about this yet so I decided to share it with you so that if you want to change your first name and last name with only single name on your profile then this is the article for you, you can use only your first name or last name as your public Facebook name on your profile for testing go to my profile to see it yourself.

Single Name on Facebook Profile

So let’s get started just follow the steps given below and you will surely get what you need.

First you have to change your Facebook language from account settings there select Bahasa Indonesia language. After doing it follow the steps given below to make single name on Facebook just do it now if you want to do it because no one knows for how long this trick is going to work. After completing the trick you can change your primary language to default one or any other language that you want :)

How to Change Language on Facebook

Now simply we just need an Indonesian proxy once we get it then we can easily change our Facebook profile name to single name so for this go to Hide My Ass! and search for Indonesian proxy URL is given below:

There on the left side you will a box where you can search proxies by country so there just select Indonesia and on the right side of your screen you will see a yellow button saying Update Results just press that and you will see all proxies from Indonesia.

Just select any fast proxy and save it somewhere in your computer to use later. Now if you are done saving the selected Indonesian proxy on your computer then open up your Chrome browser then go to Chrome settings by clicking the button which is on the right-top corner.

Chrome Settings

When you open Chrome settings page just scroll down to bottom there click on the link Show advanced settings… to show more settings, then again scroll down and stop when you see Network just right below it click on the button Change proxy settings… then a window will appear there you will see again a button saying LAN Settings… just click on that to show more settings and I decided here to show the screen shot just follow the screen shot but just remember it in the Address box paste the saved IP which you have copied from the website and in Port box paste the Port which is also copied from Hide My Ass! website.

Change Proxy Settings

Press OK twice to close both windows then just go to your Facebook account settings there simply just enter your first name and leave the last name as blank and type your password and press Save Changes and you will see it done easily but if you are stuck somewhere while using this trick then simply comment below with your problem I’ll reply you as soon as I can.

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