Tuesday , 21 May 2019

Smartphone explosion in 2014

India is set to sell more mobile phones to residents, than any other country this year, last year the USA sold the most. But this year they should run second place.

China and India will add more than 400m new smartphone users amid growth for FirefoxOS and Android, forecasts Mediacells

Phone users in India and China will together buy more than 500m smartphones in 2014, comprising half of the total that will be sold in 47 key countries, according to a new forecast.

They will also add more than 400m new users of internet-enabled phones to the global network, vaulting India ahead of the US to make it the second-largest country for smartphone use in the world.

The surge in new smartphone users will also create a stage where cheap phones using Firefox OS could begin to gain a foothold in south America, with the vast majority of the rest upgrading from featurephones in developing countries expected to buy an Android phone.

India will be the country where the largest proportion of smartphones sold will go to new users, according to data provided exclusively to The Guardian by the research company Mediacells. It says that people in the 47 countries, ranging in population size from China’s 1.3bn to New Zealand’s 4.4m, will buy a total of 1.03bn smartphones during the course of the year.

“The number of mobile internet users in the developing world will overtake those in the developed world for the first time – growing 27-fold compared to fourfold in the west,” said Brad Rees, managing director of the Guildford-based company.

The ten largest countries for sales will be China (283m), India (225m), the US (89m), Brazil (47m), Indonesia (46m), Russia (31m), Japan (30m), Mexico (23m), Germany (22m) and France (18.7m), just ahead of the UK with 17.7m.

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