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Sony PlayStation 4 Review


Finally, after a lot of hype and anticipation, Sony PlayStation 4, aka PS4, will be launching into the market on 29th November 2013, a week after the release of its fierce competitors’ Xbox One. So do their expectations and reality go hand in hand regarding PS4? Find out in the following paragraphs where a detailed set of information is given on its attributes and edges and disadvantages over Xbox One.


It’s the only attribute that shocked people the most. Sony PS4 is virtually $100 cheaper than Microsoft Xbox One, which was astonishing considering the fact that PS3 was pricier than Xbox 360. Xbox One comes with a Kinect sensor, which is essential for smooth functioning of the console. Adding with the expense of a Kinect sensor and the continuous advancement of recent technology, it’s logical why Xbox 360 is higher in price.

Design and Efficiency:

It might not have that “wow” factor that you have enjoyed so far playing games with PS3, provided if you have one, but it’s neat according to modern standards. You will go back to seeing the old days where you used to play games with PS2. With around three USB 3.0 ports both in the front and the rear, a Blu-ray drive, HDMI and Ethernet sockets, and a digital optical out, it has made a significant advancement over its predecessors. Plus, nowadays people look for smaller and slimmer sized hardware which you won’t find in a Xbox One, which is 10 kilograms heavier than its predecessor Xbox 360, whereas the PS4 hardware is very slim and attractive in design. The device, Playstation Eye, has had a slight overall change in features as it now features two high-sensitivity cameras with 85 degree wide-angle lenses, and it has now gained  a versatile depth without having to make much fuss regarding the size of Move’s flashing orb.


It can be easily claimed that Sony PS4 has overpowered Microsoft Xbox One in terms of graphics. Powered by GDDR5 RAM, PS4 has an edge of displaying crystal clear visuals comparing to Xbox One, which uses a comparatively outdated DDR3 RAM. Despite having the same microchips, PS4 scored full marks in this department.

Controller – Dualshock 4:

This is one of the few areas where Xbox one edged out over PS4. Having said that, it is better than PS3, as it’s wider than Dualshock 3 (PS3 controller) which gives your fingers more space when you are shooting in FIFA 2014, for example. It has tilt sensitivity and there might be some problems when you face it, but they will very minute ones. Overall, PS4 did a good job in enhancing its controller department.


It’s obvious that the sole reason for buying either of PS4 or Xbox One or both is to enjoy a superior gaming quality nothing else can match. But which one is slightly better? Sony claims PS4 to be the pioneer of gaming machines, so to back up their statement, they have introduced and released supreme quality games such as “Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son”. Both of these games have crystal clear graphics and a broader game play just to test how good PS4’s hardware really is. The game line up of PS4 is peculiar to some extent. And a lot of other high profile games will be released to show PS4’s credibility as a ‘gaming machine’. However, for a different gaming experience, PS4 dug deeper and made a new hardware, known as PS4 remote controller. Alongside gaming, it also helps to handle video conversion and streaming. As a result you don’t face any problems doing these on other places.

Xbox Live Gold vs PlayStation Plus: Both PS4 and Xbox one provide premium serve for its online gamers. Online gaming is an increasing trend, barring poor countries where the price of DVDs is unaffordable most of the times, so for them they have no choice but to mod. Playstation Plus provides 10 free games for PS3. Even though Xbox Live Gold tried to emulate this strategy by providing two games a month, it didn’t prosper as the gaming quality was below satisfactory to gamers. So whether PS4 edges Xbox one in online gaming remains to be seen.

Would you be recommended buying a PS4?

It’s up to all the gamer. Each gamer has different tastes and requirements. But one thing is for certain, Sony has marketed PS4 brilliantly by charging it around $100 lower than PS3. It will enable them to enhance it even further by buying Playstation One console. But it will be foolish to underestimate Microsoft. The rest depends on you as a gamer and how loyal you were to their predecessors. 

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