Tuesday , 21 May 2019

TUTORIAL: Steganography: How to Hide Text in Notepad

SteganographySteganography is the art of writing hidden messages so that no one can suspect the existence of the message. The meaning of Steganography is Concealed Writing and that is what we are going to do. We are going to learn how to write hidden text using the Microsoft Windows text editor Notepad. By  learning this technique you can easily hide your personal information and provide a basic level of protection for your text data from unauthorized users.

How to Hide Text in Notepad

The process is easy with a few simple steps.

1. First thing you need to do is open Command Prompt from your Windows.

2. Depending your specific Windows version the directory you start in may be different, so change directories using cd to change to whatever directory you want to work in.
3. Now type at the command prompt: notepad filename.txt:hidden and press enter, it will open a pop-up asking you to create the file. Press Yes, then you will see a Notepad file.

Create Hidden Notepad File

4.  Now type whatever text you would like to be protected into Notepad.  Once done, save the file.  In our example it will make a file with the name filename.txt in the location you were working from.

If you now try to open that file from within Windows or via Command Prompt, you will see that there will not be any text shown. If you then use the same command we did to create the original file notepad filename.txt:hidden to open the file you will see all of your text again. If you want to save it then type something new and save this file from file menu and remember you can type any name instead of filename.txt I just used it for this tutorial.

Any Problem?

If you have any problem in doing this then simply comment below and we will reply back soon to help.

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