Friday , 24 May 2019

Add Sticky Email Subscription Box Widget to Your Blog

Sticky Email Subscription Box

Here it is my own developed latest widget for your Blogger and WordPress blogs and its name is Sticky Email Subscription Box as you can guess by its name that what this widget can do. Actually this widget has a box and a button which float with scroll bar of your web browsers so it helps your blogs readers to subscribe your blog via email using FeedBurner so first make sure if you are using FeedBurner to mange your blog subscribers then this widget is for you otherwise you are just wasting your time, more information is shared below about this awesome sticky widget :)

Sticky Email Subscription Box by Roomi

So this widget is also made by me (Sohaib Ilyas aka Roomi) and this is not the first widget that I made for you I have also made another one which is Sticky Social Box which helps you to get many social fans directly from your blog so you must take a look there.

So let’s talk about this widget actually in this widget Sticky Email Subscription Box there is a box which contains a heading, a text field and a submit button and in the text field blog readers can put their emails and can subscribe to your blog via FeedBurner utility provided by Google and the most important thing about this widget is that it floats with browser’s scroll bar means if a blog reader will scroll down this widget will also float that’s why I named it Sticky Email Subscription Box so that’s it, I have shared everything about this widget that how it works etc now let’s talk about that how you can add it to your Blogger or WordPress blog.

Sticky Email Subscription Box Source Code

First of all even before opening up your Blogger blog or WordPress blog you need to copy the source code and then you can add the source code to your blog. I have made the system very easy means now you don’t have to edit code to change username with your FeedBurner username means I have made it user-friendly system all you have to do is to just fill the text boxes which are given below and then copy the code and make sure you save this code into your computer because later you need it to add to your blog :P


How to Add to a Blogger Blog

If you are using Blogger as a blogging platform and if you want to add this widget to your blog then keep reading and follow the steps which are given below. I hope you have copied the code for widget now go to Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript and then paste the copied code and that’s it.

How to Add to a WordPress Blog

Now if you are using WordPress then just go to your WordPress admin panel and there go to Appearance > Widgets there select Text widget and then drag this widget to sidebar widgets section and paste the code into this widget and save it and it’s done :)

Have Any Problem?

I have tried my best to made this tutorial very easy even for beginners but if you still got any problem then please comment on this article I will reply you as soon as possible and make sure you explain your problem totally because it will help me to help you, thanks for reading and please share it with your fellow bloggers.

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