Friday , 24 May 2019

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Make All External Links nofollow in Blogger Using jQuery

External links are very important in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like sometimes we have to make it nofollow and sometimes dofollow so we have to take care of all external links but mostly we need to make all external links nofollow as we know it does not pass any PageRank juice to external sites. So if you are WordPress user then there are ... Read More »

How to Use Dot TK Domain With Blogger Blog [Video]

Whoever you are, you should have a blog where you should write anything because it helps the blog owner to share what he/she knows and it helps blog readers to learn something new that they do not know so even if you are a doctor or engineer you should write about your life and experience because every single person experiences ... Read More »

Blogger Naked Domain Redirection Is Not Working

Blogger is facing a lot of problems these days like few days ago Blogger custom domain option was not working for many users actually users were not able to add custom domain for their Blogger blogs and few users were facing 404 error after opening custom domain but after about 5 days the problem is solved. And now here is ... Read More »

Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags to Blogger Blog [Video]

Social Media is the best source to get internet traffic to your new blog. If you created a blog then there is only one best source which is Social Media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Today we are going to talk about adding Facebook Open Graph Protocol Meta Tags to our Blogger blogs. Facebook added this feature in Timeline. This ... Read More »