Sunday , 16 June 2019

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How to Invite Friends Using Facebook API

I am back with another article actually tutorial to help those who are beginner in Facebook app development I have already written few articles on this topic so in this post I am going to share that how you can use Facebook API to make a button on your app page to invite friends, it will help your app to ... Read More »

How to Get Friends List Using Facebook API

Here it is another tutorial on Facebook app development and in this article I am going to share you that how you can get friends list  of any user using Facebook API (Application Programming Interface) so hope you will like it because you can use it in different ways like you can get friends list of any user who will ... Read More »

Develop Facebook App Like Love Calculator

Do you know how to make a basic Facebook app just to show the text? If yes! then you are welcome to read rest of the post but if you are completely a beginner in Facebook app developing then you must read my old post to develop Facebook app first you have to learn the basic then you can develop ... Read More »

Make Facebook App Which Can Post on All Groups At Once

Poster is my favorite Facebook app which is actually developed by myself completely and today I have decided to share the source code with you so that you can make your own Facebook app like that for this you just need to have a web hosting account and you can get it for free just Google it or I recommend ... Read More »