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App: ShopSavvy


ShopSavvy App is a shopping application which scans products and finds online and local stores providing this product. The Android ShopSavvy app allows us to scan barcodes to get more information on a product. In addition to that, ShopSavvy compares the prices of the providers, shows user reviews, and searches for deals and discounts on the item. ShopSavvy is making shopping simpler, ... Read More »

App: Ringdroid


Ringdroid App is used to create our own ringtone, alarm and notification sound from an existing audio file. We can use it to edit songs that are in our music library or record audio and edit that as a ringtone. The outputted creations can be set for use as an alarm, a notification or, of course, a ringtone. Using Ringdroid to ... Read More »

App: Advanced Task Killer


  ATK (Advanced Task Killer) App is the #1 task killing manager Application. It is a tool to kill applications running and clean memory. It helps in managing our phones running apps and services. If our phone often runs slowly or battery is exhausted so soon, then this App will be an ultimate choice to kill tasks, free memory, and speed ... Read More »

Foursquare’s Swarm – How close are your friends?


Foursquare has released a new app that is set to become very popular. Just imaging logging into the app and finding out how close your friends are to you. Certainly this would be a great app to have and use with all your friends and family. Swarm is a new app from Foursquare out today that chisels off the check-in ... Read More »

Top Alternatives to Google’s Adsense


  Google Adsense is still considered to be the best source of online money income majorly due to its great pay program as compared to its alternatives but the one flaw in this is that majority of people do not get an approved Adsense account. No matter how much traffic is on their blogs or sites. There are a number ... Read More »

APP: makes moving text from your computer easy app

The app and service is an exciting new app that allows you to take text from your computer to your mobile device.  With the combination of browser extension, online web service, and mobile app. it appears well implemented and thought out. There are a lot of ways to get text from your computer to your Android device, but perhaps ... Read More »

Google Nexus 5 – Top Five Features


Before Google’s Nexus 4 had even finished enjoying the spotlight, it has been replaced by the Nexus 5 which has been swathed by numerous rumors long before it came to the marketplace. It is the fifth Nexus smartphone for which Google has teamed up with its manufacturing partners. This new Nexus is leaving no stone unturned to boast its latest ... Read More »

Blogger Custom Domain Mapping Improves Security


Now the Blogger custom domain mapping provides additional security. In the past we only added a single CNAME record in DNS, but now on we can add two CNAME records. The first is the same as before adding www as a host name and as the destination. The new second record is part of the domain ownership verification process. The information to set this up can be ... Read More »

Best Security Tips to Secure Google Account

google with locks

Google is one of the best at providing quality and free services to its users. It is one of the most reliable accounts I have used. Google has also made it easy to access all of their many services through a single gmail based account.  While this is great for ease of use, it presents some security challenges that should be ... Read More »