Friday , 24 May 2019

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U.S. Senator fears phone fingerprint technology


Now i have to admit when i bought my Iphone 5c, i chose not to get the better version as the main feature seemed to be the finger print access. Maybe thats to James Bond for me Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) is worried that new technology allowing smart phones to recognize a user based on their fingerprint could allow peoples ... Read More »

US Missile Defense Wont Work, so why Continue to Spend on it


The United States continues to spend millions of dollars on a program, that is just not working. Seems weird that they continue to throw money at this. For almost 20 years, the United States has poured money into developing a missile defense system that would be capable of shooting down ICBMs and cruise missiles before they impact their launch targets. ... Read More »

Download YouTube Videos Even When YouTube Is Blocked


Today we found a website which helps download YouTube videos even if YouTube is blocked in your country.  I think this is a great website, that can make such a great site and content available to us.  YouTube is Blocked!!! How to Download YouTube Videos!!! There is a website which helps users download videos from many websites so that they ... Read More »

How to access government blocked YouTube


For many months and sometimes years the world’s most famous video sharing website YouTube is still blocked in many countries for many various issues including privacy, copyright issues, political unrest, and anti-government or religious videos.(See Wikipedia for more details). Access YouTube in your country with a Proxy Website There are many websites which work as a proxy server to let users access blocked ... Read More »

How to Access YouTube in Pakistan With Ultrasurf

This is the most important question these days in Pakistan related to the Internet. The PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) chose to block YouTube in September of 2012. If you don’t know the reason it was blocked, it was because of an anti-Islamic video that was uploaded on YouTube. First, the PTA asked for the video to be deleted or to make it ... Read More »