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Learn Programming Languages Online For Free


Every beginner programmer wants to learn more and more programming languages as fast as he/she can, but what if they have a chance to learn programming languages online for free, then they probably don’t want to miss this great opportunity. Codecademy: Learn Programming Languages Online There’s a website which can help you learn many programming languages like JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby ... Read More »

How to Refresh DIV Without Reloading Page Using jQuery

This article will help you to understand the power of jQuery (library of JavaScript functions), we use jQuery to make brilliant web apps in short time, this programming language helps us to write code faster than JavaScript so I decided to share my basic knowledge about jQuery with you as much as I can in the previous post I talked ... Read More »

Send Data Without Reloading The Page With jQuery

jQuery is the most amazing JavaScript library to do programming in a totally different way. It helps us certainly programmers to develop one of the most amazing web apps in short time like jQuery is used in all big websites e.g. Facebook, YouTube, WordPress etc just to make these platforms faster and real time. So today I am going to ... Read More »