Friday , 24 May 2019

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Nintendo Creates And Launches Its Own App


   Nintendo is moving into the industry of the Apps market, and has just released its first App suprisingly it is not a gaming App, but  we are advised later in the year Nontendo will be releasing apps on its games Nintendo(NTDOY.PK) is branching out into new territory by launching its first app. However, for those whohoped Mario, Pikachu, or ... Read More »

Netflix, with a Eye on the Future


Netflix is proceeding with raising its subscription fees to its subscribers, in the coming weeks. This will allow it to increase the number of programs it can offer. Netflix is by far one of the leading businesses in this field, and this increase will help with further expansions it will put in place. Netflix may put a near 24 percent ... Read More »

One Billion Mobile Users on Facebook

Develop Facebook App Like Love Calculator

Facebook are enjoying a mass amount of people visiting and using its site, it is buying up companies for their apps and adding these features to its system thus increasing its popularity Another mobile milestone for Facebook: the company reported in its Q1 earnings that it has now passed the 1 billion mark for monthly active users on phones and ... Read More »

How the mobile phone destroyed the MP3 player


The MP3 playing is all but gone, with the Mobile Phone taking its place as the number one option to listen to your music in future. It may seem hard to believe now, but in the dark ages of mobile playing music on a phone was unheard of. That is, unless you count rocking out with a low quality ringtone. ... Read More »

Android Text Message Trawling


Next time your sending a text to a friend, consider that the might not be the only person to read it, as government agencies are also reading. All four British mobile phone networks are to ask the government to explain how spy agencies have been able to tap into a secret US database to trawl through the text message of ... Read More »

Smartphone Theft


Smartphone Theft of Mobile Phones in most countries are being stolen at an alarming rate, where theives try and  get the personal information of the person that owns it. In South Africa, Chris Preece was hacked with a machete. In the United States, Megan Boken was shot twice in the chest and neck. In England, Keith Soons was stabbed in ... Read More »

Scam targeting mobile phone users


If your mobile phone rings once, and stops, dont be to keen to see who tried to ring you as it could be a scam, TYLER, TX – The Better Business Bureau is warning cell phone users about a twist on an old scam that can result in unauthorized charges appearing on their monthly wireless statement. The practice of third ... Read More »