Sunday , 16 June 2019

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History of the Mobile Phone


Mobile Phone technology is changing at an alarming pace, as companies compete in offering better faster products, but do you remember how this race all started? In February, Molinari Caffe presents Like/Share: Cell Phone Photography, an exhibition of images captured on the fly with cell phone and various apps. Ann Trinca curates the show of works by Courtney McCutcheon, Michael ... Read More »

iPhone 6 Camera and Sound Increased


iPhone 6 seems to have several new features that i am sure our readers will enjoy, first a better sound system and second improved picture quality with its camera. Good news to Apple fans as latest reports claimed that iPhone 6 release date will come earlier than usual. Reports said that iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch screen display will be ... Read More »

Cool Izitru service can determine fake photos


Izitru can work out for you if a photo has been adjusted, using its simple method, you will be able to work out if the target photo is a fake or not. Computers have long made it possible to create highly realistic fake images. Now, thanks to Izitru — a new service launched by photo forensics firm Fourandsix — those ... Read More »

Apple Steals Nokia’s PureView Camera Engineer


Microsoft is loosing one of tis lead engineers to Apple, this will give Apple a key employee working on improvments for their PureView camera systems. I personally think this is great news for consumers, as more products, means more competition means lower prices. A win win situation for all. Nokia’s PureView cameras are the best available on smartphones today. Nokia ... Read More »