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Facebook API: Post on Timeline Using PHP SDK

Post on Timeline Using Facebook API

Hi everyone, I am 101% sure that you have an account on Facebook maybe two accounts or more because it is the most famous and powerful social network yet. You must be here to learn that how you can post on Facebook user’s timeline using Using Facebook API with the help of PHP SDK because that’s what this article is ... Read More »

Now You Can Learn PHP Online on Codecademy For Free

Learn PHP Online

PHP is the most famous server-side scripting language which handles the server-side processes. There are more PHP programmers than any other programming language programmers because it is very easy to learn and code those who are familiar with C and C++ they can easily learn this programming language within few weeks. I have found few sources from where you can learn ... Read More »

cPanel Cron Jobs: Run PHP File Itself Automatically

If you are a curious programmer then you must have searched about running PHP file automatically by server because it helps to make great apps like you can develop web apps to send scheduled data to users automatically means you don’t have to sit and send data by yourself it will be done by the host server where you have ... Read More »

How to Check If Website Is Up or Down Using PHP

This is a programming tutorial for PHP beginner developers who want to develop a simple web app which can check if website is up or down using PHP programming language if you are a PHP programmer then must read this tutorial and learn something new which is cURL yes I am going to use cURL to set connection between your server ... Read More »

Learn Programming Languages Online For Free


Every beginner programmer wants to learn more and more programming languages as fast as he/she can, but what if they have a chance to learn programming languages online for free, then they probably don’t want to miss this great opportunity. Codecademy: Learn Programming Languages Online There’s a website which can help you learn many programming languages like JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby ... Read More »

Make Facebook App Which Can Post on All Groups At Once

Poster is my favorite Facebook app which is actually developed by myself completely and today I have decided to share the source code with you so that you can make your own Facebook app like that for this you just need to have a web hosting account and you can get it for free just Google it or I recommend ... Read More »

Create URL Shortener for Your Website or Blog

So I hope you are ready to learn that how you can create URL shortener for your WordPress blog or website so let’s get started. Actually URL shortener simply short the long URLs for your blog posts so that users and specially you can remember it easily and it’s easy to copy, paste and post short URLs instead of long ... Read More »

How to Develop Facebook App Using PHP SDK

Facebook App Development is one of the most entertaining thing that we can do on Facebook, yes we are stuck in groups, pages, friends, notifications etc so we all need something different like make Facebook App. So this text tutorial is all about make Facebook App for beginners. Actually I love to develop web apps with PHP and it is ... Read More »