Friday , 24 May 2019

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Six Tips for Protecting a WordPress Website


  The popularity of WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS), has soared over the last few years. According to current reports, around 35.8 million new posts are submitted on WordPress powered websites every month and the number of such websites continues to rise to satisfy online users. Its popularity also stems from the fact that it is an open source ... Read More »

Mac Pro


Mac Pro is here and looks like consumers are buying this item in droves. It is a very intelligent interface with some key features included. Apple’s Mac Pro is finally here. After being teased earlier this year and details coming out in October, the workstation is available for sale. Starting at a somewhat prohibitive $3000 you might expect that this ... Read More »

How to Check If Website Is Up or Down Using PHP

This is a programming tutorial for PHP beginner developers who want to develop a simple web app which can check if website is up or down using PHP programming language if you are a PHP programmer then must read this tutorial and learn something new which is cURL yes I am going to use cURL to set connection between your server ... Read More »

How to Develop Facebook App Using PHP SDK

Facebook App Development is one of the most entertaining thing that we can do on Facebook, yes we are stuck in groups, pages, friends, notifications etc so we all need something different like make Facebook App. So this text tutorial is all about make Facebook App for beginners. Actually I love to develop web apps with PHP and it is ... Read More »