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Receive SMS Online For Free Without Registration

Receive SMS Online

Have you ever wanted to receive SMS online for verification purposes? If yes then you are reading the right article. Actually sometimes we need to submit phone number to complete sign up procedure and if you don’t want to give your real phone number then you can just try public phone number and receive verification code just for the verification ... Read More »

Now You Can Learn PHP Online on Codecademy For Free

Learn PHP Online

PHP is the most famous server-side scripting language which handles the server-side processes. There are more PHP programmers than any other programming language programmers because it is very easy to learn and code those who are familiar with C and C++ they can easily learn this programming language within few weeks. I have found few sources from where you can learn ... Read More »

How to Watermark Blog Images Manually Using Photoshop

Without images and screen shots we can’t write a great article for the blog readers because as we all know that one image is worth a thousands words so I hope I don’t need to explain more about it that why we need to add screen shots to our blog posts to make it more attractive and beautiful. So now ... Read More »

How to Setup Subdomain on WordPress Blog Using cPanel

WordPress is the most famous blogging tool and I really love it just because of open source software means we can do whatever we want to do with it we can even make our own widgets using PHP which is also the most famous programming language in developing websites and as you know the most famous websites are made using ... Read More »

Best Social Bookmarking Websites to Get Free Traffic

Social Media is the best place to get free as well as huge web-traffic to your newly born blogs and websites. It helps new blogs to get free traffic and advertisement too. We can use Social Networks to make our blogs famous within months. It is easy to understand that how Social Media helps the newly born blogs as you ... Read More »

Is Facebook WordPress Plugin Not Working Properly?

Facebook made a WordPress plugin for WP bloggers seriously it’s amazing. It really makes our blogs a social place for readers like there are many features which are developed and designed by Facebook for WordPress blogs e.g Like button, send button, follow button, recommendations bar, comments box, social publisher, insights etc we can use any feature within out blogs if ... Read More »

Top 5 Best Adsense Alternatives in 2013

Best Adsense Alternatives in 2013

Still Google Adsense is the best source to earn online from your website or blog. Because it pays you best and more than any other its alternatives but unfortunately everyone of you can not get approved Adsense account even if your blog has a very traffic actually there are many factors which help us to get approved Adsense account so ... Read More »

Blogger SEO Tool

There are many plugins or tools for WordPress blogs, there are tons of plugins for WordPress we can’t even count them all I am also using about 10+ plugins for this WordPress blog to make my blog up and running but for Blogger users there are not much plugins or widgets yes there are few but not like WordPress you ... Read More »

Best Proxy Software to Access Any Blocked Website

Recently I found a proxy software, actually I should say the best proxy software on internet which helps users to access almost any blocked website. Actually I have an article about Ultrasurf which is also a good proxy tool but I’m talking about a proxy software which is the best I’ve ever seen on internet. Using Ultrasurf we are not ... Read More »