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Send and Receive SMS Online For Free in Pakistan

Well this post is only for Pakistanis so those who are not from Pakistan then please you are just wasting your time but if you are bored and don’t have anything to do then keep reading this article even if you are not from Pakistan. So let me tell you that this article is all about a website which helps ... Read More »

How to Use Dot TK Domain With Blogger Blog [Video]

Whoever you are, you should have a blog where you should write anything because it helps the blog owner to share what he/she knows and it helps blog readers to learn something new that they do not know so even if you are a doctor or engineer you should write about your life and experience because every single person experiences ... Read More »

How to Show Author Name in WordPress Blog

In some WordPress themes author name does not show up with post category, date. But it is very important to add author name to posts because this is required in order to show Google+ profile picture and name in search results. My blog’s theme also does not show author name with posts then I searched on Google as we all ... Read More »

How to Change Proxy to Access Blocked Websites

Recently I shared articles about accessing blocked websites and in each article there’s different method and here’s same in this article I am going to share that how you can change proxy to access blocked websites without using any tool. It’s totally different method because in all other tutorials we have to download or use a website to access blocked ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Proxy Website/Server

If you are unable to access few websites so you should not open those websites it’s simple isn’t it? Hahaha… okay let’s learn something new, something different and totally new for many of you. Actually as it is known to you because of the title that you are going to learn that how to make your own proxy website within ... Read More »

How to Play Uploaded FLV Videos on Your Blog or Website

Sometimes we really want to play or stream a FLV video in our blogs or websites which is uploaded in web hosting account rather than just embedding the YouTube link because sometimes our videos get deleted on video sharing websites and we can not do anything because it’s simple we do not own those big video sharing websites so then ... Read More »

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Online

There are many applications or tools to convert YouTube videos to MP3 or other extensions as I have also posted about that we can also convert videos to MP3 with VLC media player but this I am going to share a simple website which convert YouTube videos to MP3 online yes we don’t need to download or install any tool ... Read More »

How to Send SMS Anywhere in the World For Free

Well this is also one of most famous question playing around on internet all the time which is how to send SMS anywhere for free and this time my answer will not be the same yes there is a web app you know I am talking about a website where we are totally allowed to send SMS anywhere in the ... Read More »