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Limit Access to wp-login.php using .htaccess

Limit Access to wp-login.php

You may have heard that these days hackers are attacking WordPress blogs with distributed attacks means they are using botnets. Botnets are those computers which are being controlled by bad people of cyber world I am talking about black hat hackers. So hackers are using botnets to attack WordPress login directory wp-login.php and they are using brute-force attack. Brute-force is a ... Read More »

How to Export and Import Bookmarks to Chrome [Video]

Chrome is the most famous web browser in the world and you know the most biggest factor behind it is the king of internet yes I am talking about Google because it supports Chrome that’s why it’s a really big factor and reason for Chrome to become the world’s most famous browser. Let me give you an example just suppose ... Read More »

Take Backup and Restore WordPress Blog Manually [Video]

This article is for those who are using self-hosted WordPress blogs and have cPanel hosting if you one of them and you want to know that how to take complete backup of WordPress blog manually then you are at right place just keep reading this article. There might be many different methods to take backup of WordPress blog but I ... Read More »

How to Use Dot TK Domain With Blogger Blog [Video]

Whoever you are, you should have a blog where you should write anything because it helps the blog owner to share what he/she knows and it helps blog readers to learn something new that they do not know so even if you are a doctor or engineer you should write about your life and experience because every single person experiences ... Read More »

Password Protect WordPress Admin Directory (wp-admin) [Video]

If you are a blogger and you are using WordPress as a blogging platform then seriously you should always think about better security, specially when you are using a shared web hosting so today I decided to share more about WordPress security I am saying more because I have already shared an article about WordPress security you should also read it ... Read More »

Download Torrent File With Internet Download Manager

It sounds crazy to download any torrent file with IDM but yes it is true. We can download any torrent file with Internet Download Manager all we need is to register on a website for free and a copy of installed IDM and we are good to go. BitTorrent (peer-to-peer file sharing protocol) is the common protocol for sharing large ... Read More »