Friday , 24 May 2019

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Netflix accounts for more internet traffic than anyone.


Surprisingly YourTube has less people watching it than Netflix who continue to master and reach out to those who watch videos online. Netflix continues to increase the quantity of their products of offerings and will soon expand its reach globally where it can add more to its already huge number of subscribers. Netflix, already the biggest single driver of Internet bandwidth, boosted its ... Read More »

YouTube is 9 Years Young


YouTube is 9 years young and continues to be one of the most visited and used site on the internet today. The original 3 owners all met at Paypal. A screenshot from the first video uploaded to YouTube on April 23, 2005. It shows co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo. The 19-second video has racked up 14 million ... Read More »

Download YouTube Videos Even When YouTube Is Blocked


Today we found a website which helps download YouTube videos even if YouTube is blocked in your country.  I think this is a great website, that can make such a great site and content available to us.  YouTube is Blocked!!! How to Download YouTube Videos!!! There is a website which helps users download videos from many websites so that they ... Read More »