Sunday , 19 May 2019

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Tutorial: Adding WordPress Widgets

Further to the many requests for a tutorial on how to add more information to look after and improve a wordpress site, then this video will talk in depth on how to add widgets, and place them in the right areas.Adding key widgets to your websites is important, and it improves the experience for the people visiting the site and ... Read More »

Kitkat bug could be removing Widgets on your phone


If your updating or downloading widgets through and have been experiencing problems, then read on, seems your not alone as we have noticed an issue with this and are taking steps to correct this. Have widgets been disappearing from your KitKat device? If so, you may not be alone, as HD Widgets is reporting what they believe is a ... Read More »



  Samsung Galaxy S5 – Specs, Price and Features       Samsung has been a huge hit ever since they incorporated the Android operating software into their smart phones, especially the Galaxy line. With the Galaxy S4, released in April 2013, taking the market by storm, people are already wondering what Samsung has in store with the upcoming Galaxy S5. Although all ... Read More »

Adding Apps to your Android Phone

Adding a app to your phone is quite easy, here in this video it is explained how to do this with ease. Your mobile phone is basically a computer, adding apps to it increases what it can do and gives you more access to the wide world. You might also consider creating your own app, this we will cover later. Read More »