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Watermark Images Automatically in WordPress Blog

If you are using WordPress and you mostly write text tutorials then you must read this article to know that how to automatically watermark images in a WordPress Blog because it will help you to upload copyright images so that no one steal your blog images because it will add a text actually transparent text on all of your blog ... Read More »

Login With Facebook, Twitter on WordPress Blog

If you can pay for your hosting account then you must choose WordPress instead of Blogger because WP is the best choice for real bloggers who really want to make some money online. There are also many Blogger users who are running and earning good amount of money online like My Blogger Tricks, Online Ustaad, My Blogger Lab, Spice Up ... Read More »

Is Facebook WordPress Plugin Not Working Properly?

Facebook made a WordPress plugin for WP bloggers seriously it’s amazing. It really makes our blogs a social place for readers like there are many features which are developed and designed by Facebook for WordPress blogs e.g Like button, send button, follow button, recommendations bar, comments box, social publisher, insights etc we can use any feature within out blogs if ... Read More »

WordPress Plugin Development: Create Basic WP Plugin Part 2/2

This is the second part of the WordPress plugin development series for beginners who do not know a bit about WP plugin development and they really want to start making plugins for WordPress blogs. So if you didn’t read my first article (1 part) of this series then must read the first part, go to create basic WP plugin part ... Read More »

How to Make All External Links nofollow in WordPress

Here I am again with another great WordPress plugin which helps us to make all external links nofollow automatically. Beginners are still thinking what are external links and what is nofollow? And I am thinking to answer it actually external links are outbound links means those links which are pointed to another page or website instead of your blog for ... Read More »

Add Lightbox Effect to Images on WordPress Blog

Images have a very important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Because as we all have heard that a picture is worth 1000 words so we always should use images, screen shots etc to make our articles look more professional and attractive to readers, it helps them to learn quickly and it saves time for both the author and readers. ... Read More »

Best WordPress Plugin to Post Code Snippets

Post Code Snippets in WordPress

Here I am to talk about my most favorite WordPress plugin which is not actually developed by me it is my favorite plugin developed by Steven A. Zahm. I am talking about a plugin which may be useful, very useful for those bloggers who actually write about programming because it can highlight code for you in a very decent style, ... Read More »