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Limit Access to wp-login.php using .htaccess

Limit Access to wp-login.php

You may have heard that these days hackers are attacking WordPress blogs with distributed attacks means they are using botnets. Botnets are those computers which are being controlled by bad people of cyber world I am talking about black hat hackers. So hackers are using botnets to attack WordPress login directory wp-login.php and they are using brute-force attack. Brute-force is a ... Read More »

Password Protect WordPress Admin Directory (wp-admin) [Video]

If you are a blogger and you are using WordPress as a blogging platform then seriously you should always think about better security, specially when you are using a shared web hosting so today I decided to share more about WordPress security I am saying more because I have already shared an article about WordPress security you should also read it ... Read More »

Best Security Tips to Secure Your WordPress Blog

Secure Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the best blogging tool like Blogger, there is always WordPress Vs Blogger but mostly WordPress wins but not in one thing which is security. Blogger has awesome security it’s like impossible to hack any Blogger blog just because of the 2-step verification I hope you have heard about it if not then Google it! So I ... Read More »