Tuesday , 21 May 2019

Things to Do After Writing a New Blog Post

After Writing a New Blog Post?

Every new blogger comes to this stage daily that he/she thinks that what to do after writing a new blog post and if you do not really know what to do after you have written a new post then you are at right place. It is very important to do few things after a newly published post, if you do all those things then your post is ready to be searched on search engines and also your post will get free web traffic from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. You will find a lot of articles about this topic but in this article I am going to share my experience with you so if you have already searched on Google and read different posts about getting traffic to new post then you can still read this article it will help you maybe in a different way but it will, you will find it out but right now just keep reading. If you are looking to buy cheap web hosting then go here to buy hosting and domains at very low prices.

The First Step is to Ping Your Blog

The very first step you should do is to ping your blog. Actually it helps to know other search engines that your blog is updated with new post so that spiders can crawl and index your post data into their databases. And it is simple if your post will be indexed fast then the post will start getting web traffic for free so this is the most important step to do after writing a new post.

Shorten Your Post’s URL

In the second step you should use any shorten URL service to shorten your post’s URL so that you can share it easily and you can also see analytics and stats about the shortened URL it will help you in many different ways so you should use any service to shorten URLs. I use goo.gl to shorten my posts’ URLs and it also shows us stats about he shortened URLs.

Share on Social Networks

Now the third thing you should do is to tell your social friends, fans and followers that you have just published a new article on your blog means simply just keep sharing your post URL on your Facebook profile, page and on Twitter and Google+ profile and page too if you have one. It also helps your new post to be listed in Google database very fast. It also helps your social audience to ask questions about the article that you posted on social networks so you can reply them with the answer or solution. This is the most important thing to do because we all know the importance of social media so we can’t ignore it.

Share With Your Blog’s Subscribers

In the second last step you must send email to all blog’s subscribers. If you are using FeedBurner then you don’t need to do anything in this step it’s like you can skip this step if you are using Google’s FeedBurner product to manage your subscribers.

Comment on Other Blogs With Post URL

The last thing you should do is to comment on other blogs’ posts with your post URL and make sure you are not posting like a spammer means simply just read the post then say something in the comments related to the post then in the last share your post URL use hyperlink instead of text.

If you know about other tricks or steps which could be useful for our blogs then please share with us in the comments, thanks.

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