Friday , 24 May 2019

TVCatchUp App

TVCatchup App brings a new experience of watching Live Television to your Android device, allowing you to watch 50 or more channels. With its familiar television features, TVCatchup is an easy to use service for watching live TV over an internet connection.

Browse a wide range of channels including, news, sports, comedy, soaps, music, reality, and children’s TV. Share your thoughts by twitter, or email a friend about what you watching.

TVCatchup is an internet television service for viewing free-to-air UK channels. Users can access the service via desktop browsers as well as Smartphone and tablet apps. The service is funded by advertising, with a pre-roll advertisement preceding the live channel stream. TVCatchup is accessible on mobile devices through a range of free apps. The app is compatible with Apple Airplay, meaning it can be viewed on a TV set.

•    Free of charge
•    iOS7 supported, iPhone 5 supported, Twitter supported
•    What’s on Now and Next
•    Regional and National Television Channels.
•    BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Movies, Sport, News and Music Channels
•    Channel list order customization
•    Landscape and portrait orientation
•    Airplay supported

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