Sunday , 19 May 2019

Add Twitter Timeline Widget to Your Website

Twitter Timeline Widget

Most of you are using Twitter and me too if you want to follow me on Twitter  and if you do not want to follow me then think about it :P I hope you have followed me now let’s talk about this article actually in this post I am going to share that how you can add Twitter Timeline widget to your website or blog. Twitter has released its latest widget and we call it Twitter Timeline so I hope you like to show your Twitter Timeline on your website so that website visitors will be able to interact with your Twitter profile directly from your website or blog.

Twitter Timeline Widget

Twitter is also very famous social network as well as Facebook. Facebook has already released many plugins or widgets for webmasters or blog owners but on the other side Twitter seems like not much interested in it but finally they released its latest plugin or widget Twitter Timeline so if you want to add it to your website or blog then keep reading!

How to Add it to Website or Blog

This is not like an article that you have to read every single word to get some knowledge it’s just a text tutorial to inform that there is a new Twitter widget so if you want to add it to your website then go ahead do it now! So let’s add Twitter Timeline widget.

First of all go to this link there you will see few boxes just add your username, set height for the widget (if you want to), select theme (light or dark), set link color (blue by default), now add domains where you want to add Twitter Timeline widget and then click button Create widget and it’s done.

Twitter TImeline Configuration

Just check sure that you have added the domains where you want to show Twitter Timeline, hope you understand it! Even if you want to show domain on a naked domain then add if you want to add on www domain then add or you can add both like this, and then click on big blue button to save changes then get your code copy it and paste on your website source code. You can also add it to your WordPress blog or Blogger blog all you  need is to paste the code where you will paste the code the Twitter Timeline will  appear exactly there. If you want to edit changes about your Twitter Timeline widget then go to but first make sure you are logged in.

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