Sunday , 19 May 2019

Ubuntu Smartphone?

Ubuntu will be realeasing a smartphone very very soon. This thing is going to be AWESOME. It will be like having a full functioning computer in your pocket.

This year we should see the first Ubuntu smartphone launched with demo devices most likely being on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. As far as we know, China’s Meizu may be just one of the launch partners with more OEMs likely to join the party in no time at all. Here we want to explain why we think Ubuntu smartphone(s) will change the game for good.

1. One device to rule them all

Forget about your laptop. A high-end Ubuntu smartphone should be able to get you through the day. You will need a big screen when you want the desktop-like experience but that shouldn’t come as problem — you can get one of those pico projectors and have a full office in your pocket.

2. App support

While most nascent platforms struggle with app support, Ubuntu doesn’t have that problem. The popular Linux distribution already has a thriving eco-system and it’s just about optimizing these apps for a small screen experience. Many of the popular mobile apps have been already announced for Ubuntu Touch so we expect quite a few titles to choose from.

3. Great hardware

Ubuntu is a solid platform that requires solid hardware. If I had to bet, Ubuntu smartphones will all use quad-core chips to ensure great user experience. In its crowdfunding campaign, Canonical (the maker of Ubuntu) was trying to build a top-notch smartphone with best specs possible. The hope is they will require similar hardware from their OEM partners.

Yeah, I can’t wait for the first Ubuntu smartphone. How about you?

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