Sunday , 16 June 2019

Buy Unlimited Web Hosting at 0.99$/month With Payza

Unlimited Web Hosting at 0.99$

Blogging is an art which helps others to learn something different, new and helps blogger to share something with others. There are many bloggers who are still using or services for free of cost because they can’t afford paid web hosting and custom domain but now it’s easy for everyone to buy web hosting and domain at very low prices like in this article I am going to share my favorite website which provides great services at very cheap rates like 0.99$/month web hosting.

Which is Better, WordPress or Blogger?

When you decide to start blogging the first question that pops up in your mind is which is better blogging platform, WordPress or Blogger? And my answer is as simple as it should be, I see a lot of bloggers writing about difference between these two big blogging platforms but seriously we all know that in term of SEO WordPress is higher than Blogger but not too much high and same like in term of money and security there is only one which is Blogger. If you have decided to use Blogger then you don’t need to worry about hosting it means you do not need to pay for web hosting all you need is to buy a custom domain for your blog but if you are good with WordPress then you have to buy web hosting and a domain so there is no need to worry about web hosting prices as in this article you will learn to get unlimited web hosting at 0.99$/month with your Payza account, you can also use your PayPal or credit card.

Unlimited Web Hosting at 0.99$/month

The website that I am going to share with you is my favorite and it’s the best one because they provide us great web services at very low prices and the most special thing about this website is that they support Payza means users who are unable to get PayPal account they can use their Payza (Formatly AlertPay) accounts to buy any service from the website. So go to the link below:

There you will find everything that you want to know about web hosting like features etc. But let me tell you myself that they give us unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth and databases and a lot of great free features, there is not any hidden price it’s simple 0.99$ per month and that’s it.

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