Thursday , 25 May 2017

Viber Application – Messaging and Voice over Wifi

Extreme_tech_blog_Viber-for-AndroidWhen Smartphones became available, many creative software developers designed applications that would take its usage and capabilities to the next level.  One of the largest areas being targeted by developers is provide more ways to communicate with each other without using the common methods of SMS and MMS types of messages or Voice based called which usually have some form of expense or usage fee with them.

The Viber Application is one of the newer and very cool apps that makes high quality voice calls and SMS like messaging possible while also providing features such as sending photos and downloading video messages over a Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) or in a Third/Fourth generation (3G/4G) cellular data connection.
Viber provides high definition sound quality for its calls and supports the usage of emoticons, which makes messages much more fun and personal. Viber in many ways is a one of a kind platform which provides traditional phone based alerts for missed calls, sent messages even when Viber is off or not running.

Viber has also provided options to run its software from your workstation on both the Windows and Mac OSX platforms making it a very versatile communication, messaging, and collaboration type of tool.  Give it a try, we think you may find it very useful.

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