Friday , 26 April 2019

How to Watermark Blog Images Manually Using Photoshop

Watermark Blog Image Using Photoshop

Without images and screen shots we can’t write a great article for the blog readers because as we all know that one image is worth a thousands words so I hope I don’t need to explain more about it that why we need to add screen shots to our blog posts to make it more attractive and beautiful. So now you understand the importance of images in your blog posts let’s talk about how to protect your images so that no one will steal your images and the best way to protect images is to watermark them and in this article you are going to learn that how you can watermark blog images using Photoshop tool.

What is Watermark? Why Is It Important?

Now the question is what is watermark and if you are newbie or a beginner blogger then you must thinking that what is watermark and how we can watermark images and for what purposes. Let me answer you one by one actually watermarking an image means to add a layered transparent image to the image and that transparent image could be logo of your blog so the next question is why should we watermark images? The answer is simple there are not purposes behind it actually there is only one purpose behind it and that is it helps to protect our blog images/screenshots because when we will add a layered transparent image on our blog images/screenshots then no one will like to steal our images because if someone will do that then our blog’s transparent logo image will appear on every image.

How to Watermark Blog Images Manually

Now the most important question comes that how to watermark blog images manually using Adobe Photoshop tool first you can use any version of this great and amazing tool. So follow the steps which are given below to watermark blog images using Photoshop.

1. First you have to open the Adobe Photoshop tool then press Ctrl+N to create new transparent image which will be used for watermarking images. Just make sure you select Transparent because we want to make it a transparent image and width and the height for this image can be any.

Create New Image in Photoshop

2. Now you will see a box just press T then Horizontal Type Tool will be selected. Now click anywhere on the box and then select the font style, size and make it bold you can select any font style as you like then type anything like I typed ETB which stands for Extreme Tech Blog so you can type anything you like.

Change Font Style, Size in Photoshop

3. After typing the text now it’s time to make this image transparent using opacity option in Photoshop first press Esc button and then press V button to select Move Tool then on the right-side you will see few small windows in the Layers window you just have set the opacity to 20-30 and then save the image as .psd file instead of .png or .jpeg etc.

Change Image Opacity in Photoshop

4. Now you must have saved this transparent image file with .psd extension. Now all you have to do is to take any screenshot and open it up in Photoshop and then open the transparent image file too and drag the layer from the Layers window where you change the opacity it’s right below we can click  on the layer and drag it to the screenshot in Photoshop. After that you just have to save the new image with layered transparent image on it.

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