Sunday , 19 May 2019

Watermark Images Automatically in WordPress Blog

Watermark Images Automatically - WP Plugin

If you are using WordPress and you mostly write text tutorials then you must read this article to know that how to automatically watermark images in a WordPress Blog because it will help you to upload copyright images so that no one steal your blog images because it will add a text actually transparent text on all of your blog images so if someone will try to add your images in his blog then your transparent text will show on images.

WordPress Plugin: Automatically Watermark Images

So I have found a great plugin for your WordPress blog which will add a transparent text to all of your blog images automatically first you have to select and setup the text that you want to add to images then you can activate the settings to let the plugin work properly. So the plugin name is Transparent Image Watermark now go to your WordPress blog’s admin panel there go to Plugins > Add New and search for transparent image watermark just select the first plugin with that name and click on Install Now button to install the plugin then activate this plugin.

How to Setup

Now go to Settings > Transparent Watermark there you will see few tabs or menus just click on Plugin Tutorial Video tab to watch the video tutorial that how to setup this plugin.

I hope you will like this plugin if you are sincere with your blog and blog images :P seriously you should give it a try because it will help your blog  images that no one will steal your blog images without your permission, if you know any other plugin for automatically watermarking then please must share with us and also leave your feedback about this plugin.

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