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May 27, 2013 – 10th Anniversary of the First WordPress Release

10th Anniversary of First WordPress Release

WordPress covers 16% of the web. If you are a WordPress user then you must be proud of you and that you chose this great great tool for your website’s great future and also you should be proud of WP founders because without them we would be using Blogger as a blogging platform which is also a great platform but when you talk about WordPress you are talking about the millions of users who trusted WP and are still using it. It’s been 9 years, 10 months since first WordPress release :) Yes after 2 months on 27 May it’s 10th anniversary of the first WordPress release so you  must be happy to hear it and that’s why you should be happy if you are a WP user.

Let’s Celebrate it!

If you want to celebrate the 10th anniversary of WordPress then this link will help you to make community in your country where people can meet up and celebrate . You can celebrate with the people who are behind WordPress. It is posted on official WP blog that they will collect videos, photos, tweets, posts etc from you but first you have to follow rules and those are simple.

First WordPress Release

The first WordPress version was released on May 27, 2003 and it was called .70 version and now we are using it’s version 3.5.1 so it’s a very long time and a lot of great developments and improvements are made in this awesome CMS. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little are the founders of WordPress who are great programmers because that’s why they developed WP. If you want to know about old versions then click here to read it.


  • In 2007 WordPress won a Packt Open Source CMS Award.
  • In 2009 WordPress won the Packt best Open Source CMS Awards.
  • In 2010 WordPress won the Hall of Fame CMS category in the 2010 Open Source Awards.
  • In 2011 WordPress won the Open Source Web App of the Year Award at The Critters.

WordPress Future Planned Versions

I did a little search and come to know that in May 2013 version 3.6 is coming up so get ready for it. There are few things that you will see in latest version like new theme named twenty thirteen and admin enhancements and also UI updates about post formats and autosave and post locking etc.

If you have anything to say to people are behind WordPress then please say it in the comments and don’t for get to share it.

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