Friday , 24 May 2019

ZTE Blade V Review

wpid-10930811316_f77c267e1a_bSmart phones have become a trend for the past year or two, especially the ones that are powered by Google Android, IOS, or Windows. What makes these features so special that everyone is falling over themselves to buy it? It’s absolutely true that the features these Operating Software (OS) possess makes people feel like they are using more than just a phone. From high performance processors to quality camera, a smart phone can provide you with everything you want. But are people’s pockets are so filled with a bucket load of cash that they can easily afford it? “No,” is the answer. Most of the people can’t afford to buy a Iphone 5 or a Sony Xperia Z or a HTC one. But the best thing about smart phones in the recent years is that they have different models for consumers of different financial capabilities.


About ZTE Blade V
Before explaining it further, you need to know that currently, the highest powered processor a smart phone has is a quad core processor. And so ZTE Blade five turns out to be the cheapest Quad-Core smart phones in the current market. But before you rush to buy it, it’s a good idea to read up on all the positive and negative attributes the mobile possesses.

Evaluation of its Attributes:

Camera and Video Recording – One might have thought ZTE manufacturers have done wonders incorporating features such as 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash on Blade V, albeit a 0.3 megapixel front camera, which costs just below $100. But according to reviews from a lot of users, the end result might not be near flawless as one thinks. Initially, one might think it has a flawless camera as the pictures are mostly crystal clear. But as time passes, the picture quality blurs, and at times, overexposes the images taken. So even if the size of the camera is decent, it’s not suitable for taking difficult pictures especially ones that need more modifying. The video recording can be played at 480 pixels, lower than the usual standardized 720 pixels. Thankfully, videos are not subjected to overexposure unlike camera images.

Design – You simply can’t expect a flashy look at such a cheap price. But ZTE Blade V didn’t perform too badly in the design field. Even if it has slightly thicker edges compared to its pricier and superior quality rivals, they just nailed it by having the blue metallic rear instead of a black colored plastic most cheap smart phones have. And having a mid-sized 4-inch screen will help you to hold it smoothly in one hand with a minimal fuss. Other than that, you can expect the same thing from it as from other low cost smart phones.

Screen – With a resolution of 480×800 you can already expect what its screen will offer. It has a decent display quality but you will not experience wider QWERTY keypads to type smoothly unlike bigger smart phones due to its smaller size. Brightness is good until you go out with it during heavy sunlight. Even though the quality is expectedly average, ZTE blade V manufacturers can be forgiven for having a minimum standard screen size and a glass cover, which differentiates it from other low-priced smart phones as its plastic coated.

Software – ZTE Blade V uses first generation Android Jelly Bean Operating Software (OS) of 4.1.1. Even if it is outdated compared to the likes of Android Jelly Bean (4.3.1) and even the newcomer Android Kit Kat 4.4, having this software on a low priced smart phone operated with Android Ginger Bread and Ice Cream Sandwich, which is even more backdated, is a great asset.

Application Performances – It is a typical Android phone where you can access Google Play Store and install all the applications and games available in the store, but you will eventually suffer from traumas using a smart phone of such a low cost. This involves lower internal memory, and some apps won’t allow to store in Micro SD card. It also lags like a typical Android phone, which is a shame as it is powered by Quad Core processor, the main reason why you should consider knowing its entire feature before you buy it.

Battery life and sound quality – It has a below standard battery life of 1800mah, even lower than its predecessors. Unless you are a really heavy user, though, you don’t need to worry at all regarding battery life, surprising as smart phones are battery-guzzlers, as it has unquestionable battery endurance.

Thus, the more you limit the mobile data the longer it will stay active. Sound quality is average, which is good if you listen to music at a low volume, but it makes the quality drops once the volume is set too high, due to its stickers.

Recommendation – Although this is not a IPhone 5s or a Samsung Galaxy 4, you can enjoy the same features (even though a far different quality) on ZTE Blade V. The ZTE Blade V is cheap, and offers a good value for its money. Choose wisely!

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